Don’t Blink

These weeks are seriously starting to fly by. I don’t know if it’s working more or feeling better, but in 4 months I will have had a strangers liver keeping me alive for a year. I haven’t been writing here as much as I expected I would, but now I struggle know what experiences I’ve had will provide relevant insight to those looking for it. I mean, my recovery has been pretty great. I’ve had a few minor dips but I can’t think of many situations throughout the last few months where I’ve felt held back by my transplant.

Something I am having a little trouble with is getting back into exercise. I’ve been walking more, but I still have some discomfort along my right side, and I’m still getting exhausted too quickly to do anything more than a light jog. If I’m completely honest, I could probably be doing more (or just any) stretching or light exercises to loosen my body up a little, especially after 8 hours at a desk. I’ll be doing the second half of an exercise study on at next week’s clinic, so maybe that’ll give me an indicator of my overall fitness, although the increasingly chubby cheeks are definitely telling me something.

One thing I’ve been curious about since transplant is how I would go if I came down with something like a cold. Well, the wait is over! I’ve had this virus for about a week, and after a couple of days of being locked away from the world, it’s finally starting to fade. Hearing other transplant recipient’s experiences with their first virus post-op, I was kind of excited to see how I’d go. I won’t say I wasn’t a little anxious it might turn into something more severe, but overall, my body seems to have handled it pretty well. A light cough for a few days, pretty average feeling for the last two, and now that it’s starting to go, all I’m left with is washboard abs (that feel like they’ve been thrown in a fire). These things are different for everybody, but I think this was much less of a toll on my body than when I would get sick before. I used to have symptoms for months, but now, even the severity of the symptoms I’ve got aren’t interfering with my day to day life as much as they used to. I guess I just have to cross my fingers that this wasn’t a one off, and that even under immuno-suppression, my body is still able to do a better job of pushing back illness than it was before.

The only other thing that has come up lately is my thinning hair. When I first came home after my op, I would wake up with hair covering my pillows. I would run my hand through my hair and about 20 or 30 strands would come out. It freaked me out a little at first (I am definitely not ready to rock the Fryer Tuck look) but after some frantic googling, it turns out it’s pretty common post-transplant and will come back eventually. I might start looking like a young, less ginger, Donald Trump, but at least it’ll come back. It’s not all that bad though, I don’t need as many haircuts at the moment, and its softer than the silks on a corncob.

While I might not have the most life altering things to write about at the moment, I’ll keep writing because if nothing else I don’t want to forget any of this. There will probably come a point in a few years where all of this will seem so long ago it wont even feel like my life. But when I’m flicking my full head of hair back and forth while on a breezy 5km run, I need to remember that it’s all thanks to a stack of other people. If any of you are reading this (and I know some of you are) thanks again for getting where I’m going.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Blink

  1. Great to hear things are going well. The hair thing made me laugh as I am already bald so that part should be a breeze for me. I did my “work up” last week which went well. Your update is a good reminder that I need to update my blog.

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