Acting Normal

A couple of weeks ago I went out to a bar to hang out with some friends for the first time since my hospital admission last September. It was great fun! I caught up with old friends and made a few new ones – it was just a good night out. I may have smuggled in a few Endone in case things got a little too much, but I managed to see it through. And I’m stoked that it all went so well because I’d been looking forward to that night for weeks.

Ever since leaving the hospital all I’d wanted was a night out. Up until then I really didn’t think I had the energy and even that night I wasn’t sure how long I’d last, but after seeing that I could handle a night out, I decided I need to start getting myself out more. So for the last fortnight I’ve been hanging out with friends and going out as much as possible, maybe pushing myself a little too far on certain occasions but it’s been brilliant! I knew I was improving but only because my doctor told me so, and because when I went from my bed to the couch it didn’t hurt as much. I just didn’t know how much more I was capable of.

I’ve been swimming, fishing, working out, going out on weekends, and have even started back at work doing a few hours here and there – and I feel ridiculously better for it. It’s not even the improvements to my physical well-being, but rather the difference its made mentally. Sitting around not really doing much is pretty bloody boring, and thinking about spending the next day doing the same thing is just depressing. Realising I’m able to do more than just Facebook-stalk the friends of mine who are doing interesting things with their lives is massive. I don’t know how long I’ll be sore for, and I might always have these shakes that make me look like I have a phobia of spoons and cashiers, but now I know I have the physical competency get outside and push myself more, I feel like I’m getting back some control and independence.

Ok, so really this is all just me trying to get invited out more. But to be honest it’s not like I’ll have any free time after this weekend anyway, because I’ll be far too busy playing with this little beast!


The newest addition to our family!

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